Megan Colleen McGlynn

She’s a chick from Chicago who likes making good ads. What else do you really need to know?

I mean, are you going to hire her because she spent her 20s jetting around as a sexy stewardess, or because her book is full of interesting work?

Do you want her on your team because of her big impressive degree from Columbia College, or because she’s spent her ad career solving problems for brands sold all over the globe?

Will you book her for her passionate love of pit-bulls, the Cubbies and Ferrara-Pan candy, or because she’s worked at some of the best agencies in the world?

Does your group need her because of her intense hatred of humidity, hypocrisy and coconut, or because of her experience with clients like Bayer, SCJohnson, Sears, Dove, State Farm, Nestle, Dial, Suave, Spiegel, Novartis, McDonald’s, Cadillac, LaSalle Bank, Hyatt and Kraft?

Are you looking for a copywriter who has a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor, or one who can give your brand a unique, relatable voice?

Luckily, with Megan Colleen McGlynn you get it all. Button!